KARACHI - The Sindh government has shown its willingness to revise the current distribution formula of Gas Development Surcharge in favour of Balochistan conditionally if Balochistan supports the Sindh's stand in upcoming NFC for resource distribution among provinces as well provinces and federation, The Nation learnt on Monday. Presently, the gas surcharge is distributed on the formula of wellhead price, under which Balochistan is receiving 35 percent, Sindh 58pc and Punjab 7pc. Sindh's willingness to revise Gas Development Surcharge is part of "Give and Take" strategy of the provincial government for the new NFC award. Under the proposed formula of Petroleum Ministry, the Sindh government was considering to give 22.5 percent GDS up front to Balochistan with balance of 77.5 percent that could be distributed on production basis amongst the four provinces. Official made it clear that this concession was subject to the consideration that revenue generation would be given 22.5pc weightage in the distribution of resources amongst the provinces. Sources said the Balochistan province will be more beneficial under the proposed option of GDS distribution formula while Sindh and Punjab would be ultimate looser, in case the formula is approved. The proposed formula of Petroleum Ministry suggested new distribution of gas development surcharge among the provinces under which Balochistan's share to grow from 35 percent to 53 percent while Sindh's share would decline from present 58 percent to 42 percent and Punjab's share would decrease from 7pc to 5 percent, sources said. The representatives of Balochistan have claimed that their province suffers losses in gas revenue because no GDS is recovered from domestic consumers in Punjab and the NWFP as both provinces are using natural resources, produced in mountainous province. The Balochistan wants a greater share in gas revenue from the gas wells as its well-head cost is almost zero, a senior official of Finance Department told The Nation. The Balochistan government was of the view that the gas wells were discovered soon after independence so the investment was made at that time which was resulted in less wellhead price of gas in comparison to Sindh and Punjab. Sources said the Balochistan government had already urged the federal government to intervene to settle the row over the GDS between the Sindh and Balochistan governments. The representatives of Balochistan are arguing that they generate more GDS as compared to the other three provinces therefore they their province entitles to higher share. A senior official of Sindh government recalled that various rounds of talks had been held between the representatives of two provincial government officials during previous government, but talks ended in failure on this issue.   Sindh province generates 92 per cent of the total GDS in country but gets only 58.5 percent in return, official of Sindh government concluded.