LAHORE - The Punjab Government has decided remission in the punishment to those non-Muslim prisoners who successfully abreast themselves with the knowledge of their religious books. Governor Punjab has made necessary amendments in Pakistan Prison Rule in this regard. Similarly beside the government, the authority to grant permission to the non-Muslim prisoners in order to attend the funeral of their dear and near ones has been delegated to the District Coordination Officer (DCO). The prisons benefiting from this amendment would however take an 'Examination of reading and understanding of the Geeta, Bible, Grunth or any other basic religious books relating to their religion. According to the amendment, provincial government and the DCO can permit a prisoner to participate in the funeral of his family with adequate police escort and the prisoner will be bound not to leave the place specified in the permission order. Similarly police escort will be responsible for the safety and security of the prisoner. The duration of permission granted under this rule may not ordinarily exceed twelve hours. However it will not include the time consumed for journey, to and from the prison.