LAHORE- Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) while supporting impeachment of General Pervez Musharraf has called upon the government to also hold him accountable for the killings in Jamia Hafza as well as of Nawab Akbar Bugti murder and the thrice subversion of the Constitution, under Article 6 of the Constitution. The Bar has also objected to the government decision to push the restoration of judges after success of the impeachment move and called upon the ongoing session of the National Assembly to restore the judges through an executive order prior to impeachment as a check against any resort to the Court which General Pervez Musharraf may make out of frustration. More than any other, dictators, particularly, General Pervez Musharraf, damaged the country and the present despicable situation facing the country is the result of what he has done to the judiciary since March 9,2007, in Lal Masjid, in Balochistan and on the economic side of the country, told Secretary of the Bar Muhammad Amin Javed Chaudhary to a press conference here Monday. Flanked by the executive members of his body, he said the unconstitutional steps taken by Musharraf have pushed the country into a critical situation. The November 3rd PCO to sack the judges of the superior judiciary, he said, just aimed at his ensuing candidature in the presidential elections. For this and other reasons, he said, impeachment of Pervez Musharraf should have been carried out long before, and the Bar fully supports the coalition government decision to impeach him now. The Bar Secretary said legal fraternity would never like to derail the democratic process and warned, if Pervez Musharraf tried to pull down the democratic set-up using 58(2)b, lawyers would not accept it and take him and his cronies to task for the same. He said February 18 elections were a clear public verdict against Musharraf and his supporters, therefore, he must go now. He said things must not come to an end with ouster of Musharraf but by making him an example by trying him under Article 6 of the Constitution for subversion of the constitution and putting him on gallows. He said killing of innocent persons in Lal Masjid, as well as in Balochistan were such offences which could not be eschewed. Blaming him for May 12 carnage in Karachi, he said in his view Musharraf's hand in the killing of Benazir Bhutto also cannot be ruled out. He said the country would face a very serious situation, if present coalition government is overthrown by Musharraf and if it happened, they would resist it with full might. Dissenting with the decision of Pakistan Bar Council, Amin Javed Chaudhary said, lawyers stood to their demand for the restoration of judges by August 14 as it was announced by the July 19 convention of the lawyers representatives from all over the country. He said if their demand was not met, National Coordination Council of the lawyers would meet on August 15 at Rawalpindi to chalk out further line of action. SC judges called back to Capital Supreme Court judges holding sitting at Lahore Registry of the Apex Court have been called back to Islamabad. During the last week, ending on August 8, sources relating to the judiciary said the judges of the Apex Court were scheduled to also hold sitting at the Lahore Registry during next week. But later on the schedule was revised and the judges were called to the Principal Seat, they added. A court official told The Nation, on Thursday last the schedule was revised. It may be recalled that during the present summer vacation of the Court, the SC judges were holding special sitting at the Lahore Registry to clear backlog of cases.