ISLAMABAD - The incumbent government will yet to come with an alternative plan of giving some respite to the residents of low-lying areas from the devastating floods of monsoon as it had struck down the Leh project. The helpless residents of low-lying areas, adjacent to dangerous Leh Nullah, once again fear of devastated floods. Like many monsoon seasons, this time too, the present government has showed reluctance to this serious matter. It seems that no one is ready to provide relief to the unfortunate residents of these poor localities, as authorities concerned have turned deaf ears towards their concerns. The citizens of Rawalpindi were expecting much from the Punjab Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif's visit to the city but they have lost hopes when no clear instructions have been given by him in this regard during his visit. Like in the past, this time too, the heavy rains exposed the inefficiency of present government's officials. Many precious lives had been lost owing to the heavy floods at Leh Nullah but till no comprehensive strategy could be adopted to tackle the situation. Every time, the government comes with an idea of a 'Flood Protection Plan' at the start of monsoon season to protect residents of the slum areas, but it remains an idea and the killer season had passed away by taking many precious lives. Dwellers of the low-lying areas are still spending sleepless nights owing to the fear of floods during the rainy season.  "Each time, government has played a role of a silent spectator as hollow slogans of providing relief to masses had been made. The government officials only tell about the damages occurred owing to rains. One should be thankful to them for their precious information," Muneebur Rehman, a residents of the Dhoke Hussu area lamented.   When contacted, District Nazim Raja Javed Ikhlas told TheNation there were funds allocated for the project but now the priority list has been changed for one or the other reason. He confirmed that work on Leh Project could not be completed within three years of its proposed time. "We have fixed Rs 1.5 billion for the project, which is enough for its execution but now work on the project is being slow down," he revealed. To a quarry, he said that there was no solid reason behind the delay but the Director Project should brief the chief minister as soon as early possible and might be, the CM allowed early execution of the project. However, District Nazim did not blame anyone but the scribe observed that he is facing serious problems while working with the new government. But this matter, definitely, has close relation with public lives and should be kept above politics. "I am quite clear that government is not interested in providing relief to poor masses, as each night during monsoon is become sleepless for us and fears of heavy rain, which may wreck havoc in our areas, still existed in our minds," Faisal Khan, a resident of Gungmandi near Leh Nullah, stated this while sharing his fear with TheNation. Threats to wreck havoc by monsoon are still persist but even dim hopes are elicited by the champion of Human Rights with their tall claims. Who is responsible for the huge amount, which spent over a poorly planned project? What type of relief was given to the affectees? Who has politicised a public interest project? These are some questions raised by people during the survey, which need immediate answer.