FAISALABAD - The targets of value-added textiles exports are not being met due to prevailing economic uncertainities, indecision and lack of necessary push from official quarters. Muhammad Naeem, Acting Chairman Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) said while talking to newsmen here Monday. He said that textile exporters have the potential to touch the target of $20b annually if minor regulatory adjustments are placed in order. He referred to the Research & Development Support (R&D) notification extension whereof it has been held in abeyance over the last month and half leaving the textile exporters in lurch. "The exporters were unable to finalize their export bargains in the absence of R&D support", he said and added that in today's world market of fierce competition minor edge over rival exporters is of great importance for survival and competition. "Hence the slight advantage of R&D Support would go a long way in improving the export of value-added textiles." PTEA chairman contended that he was demanding "nothing out of the way", but a prevailing practice in other regional countries like China, India and Bangladesh who are main competitors. China announced export tax rebate of 13% and VAT rebate on textile exports of 13% to its exporters and India was allowing refund of 5% Bank Mark-Up to its textile exporters and other concessions under the Technology Upgradation Funds Scheme (TUFS), he explained. Pakistani exporters face the brunt of price hikes of cotton, gas, electricity and petroleum which were escalating the cost of production in the country."This is rendering the Pakistani exporters uncompetitive in the international market", he stressed. PTEA chairman demanded that government should come up with the necessary notification of R&D Support for Fabrics, made-ups and home textiles.