There are two kinds of people in Pakistan; those who are highly educated and others who are illiterate. I cannot stand people who are educated but lack commonsense and forget history while giving statements. These are mostly our politicians or people on important posts. "Judges will be restored, Kashmir will be liberated, Musharraf will be impeached, ISI will report to Interior Ministry" are the kind of statements I am referring to. I certainly do not expect this kind of wishy-washy statement from someone like Ms Christina Ogus (UNODC). I would request her to correct her facts. I should remind her that the heroin production in Afghanistan was started by the government of USA during the war when Russia invaded Afghanistan. The billions of dollars paid to Taliban and Pakistan for proxy war did not come from the treasury of US. The Americans were not only involved in this crime but also gifted the people of Pakistan with drugs and arms culture. -M. ALI RIAZ, Lahore, via e-mail, July 29.