ISLAMABAD (APP) - A team of surgeons in Al-Shifa International Hospital here Tuesday claimed to have removed a world record giant tumour of 46kg from the abdomen of a 72-year-old lady from NWFP. With its successful extraction, hospital authorities claimed that the tumour was the worlds biggest one operated upon so far as the previous record of removal was 45kg. A team of surgeons led by Mohammad Amir consultant general surgeon and comprising Dr Saeed Akhtar consultant Urologist, Dr Athar, Dr Minhal, Dr Asad, Dr Imran and Dr Shawkat Matabdin, anesthesiologists performed the 9-hour abdominal tumour surgery. The tumour has been preserved in pathological lab of Shifa Hospital for professional references. The pathological examination revealed it to be the liposarcoma, a cancer of fatty tissue most commonly found in the back part of the belly, the doctors said.