THE clash at the Punjab University between the IJT and the University administration that left a number of students injured leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Broadly speaking, this is a far cry from the discipline that should be the trademark of prestigious educational institutions like the PU. Things got out of control when the IJT activists refused to remove the admission stall it had set up. Though the university administration says that what the IJT was doing was an illegal act, the fact remains that it takes two to tango. One cannot help but hold both sides responsible for the violence. Two of the students were so badly injured that they had to be shifted to the hospital and therefore the possibility of more violence coming from both sides to avenge themselves cannot be ruled out. The university administration must exercise restraint and try to hammer out an amicable solution. Incidents of the sort would only bring a bad name to the University and tarnish its image as one of the premier institutions of higher learning in the country. While there is no disputing the reality that the energy and zeal of the students has to be provided with proper outlets within the parameters defined by the academic world, they are also supposed to maintain discipline. There is also no point in the university administration becoming harsh with them.