The information disclosed in a television talk show that the government has authorized members of the National Assembly and Senate to issue unlimited number of prohibited bore licenses is a bolt from the blue. The country is already flooded with weapons. So the revelation by FIA that the Ministry of Interior has given permission for more than 45,000 licenses of prohibited bore in the last one year on recommendation of the parliamentarians is beyond comprehension. The licenses of weapons of prohibited bores are allowed for self-defense and issued after rigorous procedures and verifications to ensure that the same may not ultimately land in the hands of people having criminal records. Our parliamentarians, though, are known to get these issued with out any precautions simply because of political affiliations. Our society is already facing an existential threat due to spread of Talibanisation and other sectarian menaces. About time we withdrew the power to weaponise from our parliamentarians. -ZAHEER AHMED QUREHSI, Hyderabad, via e-mail, August 8.