Around the middle of June, I came to know the good news from a TV channel that the Supreme Court has taken Suo moto notice of DST (Daylight Saving Time) or advancement of clock by one hour that was recently adopted by the government. Nearly two months have passed and there is no news of any development on the issue. I understand many applications have been sent to the Supreme Court, including my applications of April 17 and July 14 requesting reversal of DST and restoration of the original (and sensible) normal time. This is the demand of millions all over of Pakistan, as it has become clear that no benefit is accrued from the imposition of DST. As I recall, none was accrued in 2002 either. With the holy month of Ramzan just round the corner, I appeal to the Supreme Court for immediate relief against DST as people would face a lot of problems due to it in fulfillment of their religious obligations like Sehri, Iftar and Taravees. -KHAWAJA FARIDUDDIN, Karachi, August 11.