ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Saudi Arabian government has recommended that elderly, children, pregnant women and those suffering from chronic diseases should postpone Umra and Haj this year for their safety. According to spokesman of the Ministry of Religious Affairs here on Tuesday, the Saudi authorities have also asked all intending pilgrims for Hajj - 2009 that they must submit valid vaccination certificate for seasonal flu and influenza A (H1N1) two weeks before obtaining Haj visa. It may be mentioned that the Ministry of Religious Affairs has picked up as many as 57,370 applicants applied for Haj under government scheme in the computerised draw. The Ministry had received up to 105,447 applications against the allotted quota of 80,000 under Govt Haj Scheme. Balloting on 6,730 seats reserved for parliamentarian was not held while those applicants who failed to be selected for the two consecutive years were also selected under this scheme. This year, the government of Saudi Arabia allocated the quota of 159,947 pilgrims for Pakistan. 79,647 pilgrims would perform Haj under Haj Group Organisers Scheme.