Like Palestinian 'Intifada', the current phase of Kashmiri uprising began on August 12, 2008 when Indian forces killed Hurriyat Conference leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz who was protesting against the government decision to give land to the trust that runs Amarnath, a shrine of Hindus. While extremist Hindus favoured the decision, but due to its revocation, started protests and economic blockade of the Muslims, emulating the Israeli siege of Gaza which had resulted in starvation of many a Palestinians. However, under the new puppet regime in the occupied Kashmir, Indian brutalities are equal to those of Israel. In this regard, daily humiliations of the Kashmiris and Palestinians are a consistent feature of the Indo-Israeli intransigence. While in his special address to the Muslim World on June 4 this year, Obama had called for a "new beginning between the United States and Muslims" by stating that tension "has been fed by colonialism that denied rights to many Muslims...without regard to their aspirations." Emphasising the two-nation solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Obama had vocally said: "It is time for Jewish settlements to stop." Critics opined that Obama did not mention the Kashmir dispute at all. Nevertheless, during his election campaign, while realising the suppression of Kashmiri's struggle for independence as the root cause of terrorism in South Asia, he repeatedly remarked that America should help in resolving this old dispute. Quite contrarily, Holbrooke, special envoy of the US administration on Afghanistan and Pakistan had clarified on January 28 that he had no mandate to deal with Kashmir. No doubt, Obama wants to improve the American image in the Muslim world by settling the issues of Kashmir and Palestine, but he seems helpless before the strong Indo-Israeli lobbies which play a key role in the foreign policy of the US. Obama is forced to implement the brutal policies of his predecessor, who had endangered the world including US interest by occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, due to these lobbies. He had encouraged Indo-Israeli intransigence in delaying the solution of Kashmir and Palestine. Indian and Israeli regimes had jumped upon the Bush's anti-terrorism bandwagon in crushing the freedom movements in these controlled territories. Since then, both the countries by considering the Muslims as their common enemy, signed several of agreements. One of the main obstacles in the prolonged War on Terror including solution of Kashmir and Palestinian issues is the US-backed Hindu-Jewish communities which have made alliances in America and Europe and are tarnishing the image of all the Muslims in order to continue their state terrorism on the innocent Kashmiris and Palestinians. In the recent past, Obama and other European leaders have been emphasising India to re-start talks with Pakistan. Hence, Indian rulers are only showing to the world that they are willing to discuss all related disputes with Pakistan, but the latest development indicates that the Indian diplomats are likely to focus on the matter of terrorism concerning the Mumbai attacks as a pre-condition to discuss other issues. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who last month visited New Delhi to finalise a defence agreement essential to allowing US companies to sell sophisticated arms to India had made it clear that Washington had no role in the resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue. On the one hand, Ms Clinton repeatedly remarked about the success of ongoing military operations by saying that Pakistan had shown greater commitment in fighting terror, but alleged on the other that the "perpetrators of US 9/11 and Indian 26/11 are in Pakistan." In fact, besides China and Iran, a 'nuclearised' Pakistan is another major target of the Indo-Israeli secret diplomacy which gets an impetus from America's double game with Islamabad. As regards Israeli obstinacy, while rejecting US demand to stop a building project in annexed Arab east Jerusalem as part of Jewish settlements, Israeli hawkish PM Netanyahu has handed control over a key Palestinian area to the Jews hardline settlers on July 23. However, New Delhi and Tel Aviv are adamant on their old policy of delaying tactics regarding Kashmir and Palestine. One can note greater similarities in their aims. By defying the UN resolutions in relation to vacation of the occupying territories, Israel and India have intermittently been using all the possible techniques of state terrorism such as curfews, crackdowns, sieges, massacre, targeted killings etc to maintain their alien rule. While non-state actors are well-organised from Palestine to Iraq and from Afghanistan to Kashmir, apprehensions have strengthened in the Islamic World as to how Obama will implement his envisaged policy in South Asia and the Middle East in wake of Indo-Israeli intransigence. The writer is a foreign affairs analyst E-mail: