ISLAMABAD (APP) - Plump fat rats and cockroaches in Parliament lodges are a cause of real concern for the legislators, particularly the PPP MNA from Faisalabad, Ejaz Virk advocate. If one is to go by his account of these rodents and creepy crawlies, then they are so well-fed that they can 'attack the MNAs and will not let them take siesta. They are about the size of Gorbachev and sumo wrestlers .So discourteous that when the MNAs go to take rest, they attack them, Virk said in the National Assembly on a point of order. The citys civic body, Capital Development Authority or CDA, responsible to maintain these lodges in a spick and span condition also did not escape the MNAs wrath. Out of sheer frustration, he called it a 'chor darwaza authority and said it had failed to take good care of these lodges. Speaker Fehmida Mirza, however, stated that the CDA was short of budget, but since it had been resolved, all the issues related to the maintenance of Parliament lodges would be taken care of.