ISLAMABAD-Almost all the major political parties in the country, both in the Parliament and outside it, have furnished their proposals to the Parliamentary Constitutional Reforms Committee (PCRC) for removing distortions inserted in the 1973 Constitution. The committee due to meet on 18th of this month has also received a number of proposals for undoing the distortions instituted in the constitution from civil society and lawyers bodies from all over the country. Certain persons in their individual capacity have also furnished the proposals about which the decision would be made in the committee meeting as to whether these would be entertained or not as the committee had sought suggestions from political parties, lawyers associations and civil society bodies. Prominent among those who filed the proposals for amendments in the constitution included Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz), Pakistan Muslim League(Quaid), Jamiat-I-Ulema-I-Islam(Fazl Group), Awami National Party, Muttahida Qoumi Movement, Pakistan Peoples Party(Sherpao). Several other parties have also furnished their proposals seeking amendments to bring back the document to its original shape. The sources in the Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) disclosed to The Nation that in the 37-point proposal they had proposed revoking of Article 58(2)B and 17th Amendment, dropping out of the bar on contesting elections for the slot of Prime Minister for the third consecutive term. The sources further said that the spirit of all the proposals PML(N)had made in its draft for 18th Constitutional Amendment was to revive the 1973 Constitution in its original shape with Parliament working as the hub of power. These sources further said that PML(N) had also proposed granting autonomy to the provinces remaining within the precincts of the Constitution. These sources further said that the proposals the party had submitted to the Parliamentary Constitutional Reforms Committee were more or less the same which they had already given to the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party in response to the 81-point draft proposal floated by Pakistan Peoples Party a few months back to remove anomalies from the Constitution. Similarly the proposals from PML(Q) were the same which they had already tabled before the Upper House of the Parliament seeking undoing of Article 58(2)B, partly revoking of the 17th Amendment and striking balance of power between the offices of the Prime Minister and President. MQM draft was also the same, which they had already tabled in the National Assembly and their focus was on maximum provincial autonomy, early settlement of NFC Award and abolishing of concurrent list from the constitution. Pakistan Peoples Party(Sherpao) also raised voice for the provincial autonomy and removal of all the distortions brought into the document during the successive dictatorial rules in the country. PPP(S) also favoured striking some balance of power between the offices of the President and Prime Minister and was not in favour of vesting all powers in any one of the offices. It is interesting to note that almost all the political parties were in favour of revoking Article 58(2)B, while some of them supported complete annulment of 17th Amendment while some favoured retaining the positive and productive things introduced under one of the most controversial amendments in the constitution. The sources in the ANP when contacted informed The Nation that the demand of changing the name of NWFP as Pakhtoonkhwa was very much in the proposals they had submitted to the committee for bringing about changes in the Constitution, while it was also part of the 81-point draft proposal floated by the PPP for removing anomalies from the Constitution.