Karachi (PPI) - Good eyesight is amongst the blessings of Allah, the Almighty. Eyesight clearly can assist us in so many thing, for example working, enjoys nature view, or communications with others. If we like to have healthy eye, has of course you must take care of it. Here are a few tried and tested tips to maintain eye health: Investigates health of eye at oculist medical doctor - At the visit not only done by inspection ability of approach (visus), but also inspection of eyeball pressure (to know glaucoma), inspection of macula degeneracy, possibility that cataract, and other inspection. If having eye disease history, diabetes, or high blood, suggested does inspection at least biannual. Soon consultancy with medical doctor if it is got change at approach ability, for example double sight or dull, there is letter losing when seeing printed material, cannot see face clearly, or other approach trouble. Protects eye from presentation ultraviolet (UV), dirt, overweening wind and light. If resides in area with very strong sunshine, applies eyeglasses UV. Consumption of healthy food for eye, for example foods containing antioxidant, carotten (carrot, spinach), zinc ferous (beef or mutton), and selenium (red fish). Avoids injuring eye - Applies safety glass when working, especially if when work is ice, for example in workshop, building work, or other work. If there is foreign object in eye, better applied steril warmness water to clean the foreign object or soon brings to medical doctor. Care should be taken when watching television. Actually watch television is safe thing for eye, because stretching in eye when seeing television is not too abundant compared to when reading. By paying attention to following things following, your eye are safe when seeing television. Adequate illumination, not too big and too low. Overweening illumination can lessen contrast in screen and blurs sight. Shall not place light source which can result bound in television. Be better if color around television is having pattern neutral. Be better if light in television space is not total dark. Dark room totalled results television contrast to become abundant causing bothers eye comfort. Color in room doesnt correspond to television, but television accommodating condition of room. Pays attention to distance to look on. At least interval eye and television is five times [screen/sail] diameter. At the distance, picture earns is stand-out and doesnt bother eye. If often looks on in short distance, better soon does inspection of health of eye. Myopia (myopia) often happened at child watching television in short distance. When Using Computer - Interaction with computer screen for long period results tense eye and drought. Some tips related to television screen can be applied when using computer. Better desist formerly a few moments to take a rest eye. If there are eyesight trouble when using computer, better take counsel with oculist medical doctor. Interval of monitor screen with eye around 30-40 cm with position of screen top as according to height of eyeball or a little below eye boundary. Apply screen protector in computer screen to lessen emission of radiation. If experiencing eyesight trouble, apply eyeglasses to ensure getting proper image.