Six foreigners, said to be from Pakistan, were killed by unidentified gunmen on Wednesday in Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region, witnesses said. Two other people were wounded in the attack at a mosque in Galkayo, residents said, adding that the foreigners came from Pakistan on Tuesday and were dressed as Islamist preachers. "Masked gunmen opened fire in the mosque, killing six foreigners and injured two others," resident Sheikh Abdiqadir Ali said. A local elder said that security forces were at the scene of the attack. "Puntland forces have reached the mosque to carry away the dead bodies," the elder Mohamed Hussein told by phone from Galkayo. "These foreigners, mostly Pakistanis, were 25 in number and arrived from Pakistan yesterday." Residents said the killings may have been motivated by suspicions that the foreigners had links to al Qaeda. Lawless Somalia is viewed by the international community as a potential breeding ground for al Qaeda-linked groups and as a threat to regional stability. Puntland's information minister was killed in the same area last week.