Mr Jean- Maurice Ripert, UN Special Envoy for Disaster has said that need for foreign aid in Pakistan would be greater going forward as it would become more difficult to procure because of ongoing financial crisis the whole world is facing. Pakistan is already facing a number of challenges. War on terrorism and target killings in Karachi are both going on alongside ravages of floods. The floods have increased the burden on government substantially and it had limited resources to begin with. The floods also dont look like abating any time soon. Foreign aid is, therefore, a necessity in coping with these floods which have displaced millions and killed thousands, particularly in the province that is already dealing with the menace of terrorism. Pakhtunkhwah is not just in the eye of the storm of terrorism but is also in the eye of storm waters that are tossing its people side to side in a furious flurry. If Pakistan is to deliver its 100 % in the war on terror, it would need a massive dollop of funds from developed countries to cope and rehabilitate itself as soon as possible. -FARUKH SARWAR, Islamabad, August 9.