LAHORE In its 63 years age, Pakistan is going to have third Independence Day falling during the holy month of Ramazan. This time the Independence day is falling on the third of Ramazan while previously it came in 1978 when it was 20th of Ramazan and then in 1979 when it was 10th of Ramzan after creation of Pakistan. On all the three occasions, the country faced eventful moments, which was a divine warning to this nation to take stock of its acts and seek pardon and mercy and set right their orientation. It is otherwise we ignored the warning and came across the same situation again which pushed Pakistan back politically, economically and socially generating new problems and woes for the country. Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947 when it was auspicious day of Ramazan 27th of hijra calendar. At that time, the newly independent people of Pakistan faced tremendous hardships and rendered innumerable sacrifices both in terms of man and material, but still they were satisfied and happy over achieving freedom from the clutches of the Britishers and their cronies Hindu leaders and had an opportunity to build their homeland as per the Islamic ideology which was in the roots of their struggle. Their spirit and enthusiasm to defeat every problem in the way of their progress and prosperity was at a high pitch and they were fully braced to materialize the dreams of the Founding Father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, to make their country a true Islamic welfare state on modern lines. But after the demise of Quaid-e-Azam, the nation failed to have the genius of Quaids caliber and of his stature which could understand what conspiracies are being hatched against this country which was achieved in the name of Islam. In 1978 first Independence day fell in the holy month of Ramazan after 31 years to the establishment of Pakistan. That time General Ziaul Haq as Chief Martial Law Administrator was on the saddle of power while the elected prime minister Z.A. Bhutto in jail facing murder charges. The nation was facing a torturous situation at the hand of military ruler and I-day in the month of Ramazan once again gave it a chance to search its soul and know what follies and mistakes have brought about the predicament of dictatorship and seek forgiveness of Allah Almighty for their sins. In the year 1979, Independence day again came on 20th Ramazan when the Bhutto was put to gallows and Russia invaded Afghanistan wherein Pakistan was pitted by US at front line to provide Mujahideen against the Russian forces. The consequences of which, came out very disastrous and their negative impact still lingers on. The third time Independence is coming on the third of ramazan once again shaking us to know the true objective behind the creation of our homeland and seek pardon for what we have done to this land of the pure which was achieved after sacrifices of very noble, pious and true people. Today the whole country is beset by natural calamity of floods and rains and on the political front, issues are being played up for petty gains when the nation is deluge in water. The country has been caught up by conspiracies as the anti-Pakistani forces have joined hands to further divide it on regional, ethnic and linguistic basis. Everyone says, we must seek pardon for our sins and vow to abide by the objectives which were in the genesis of Pakistan and stand united like true Muslims to frustrate designs against their country.