PUNE (India) During his last stint as fielding coach with the Pakistani team, baseball player Julian Fountain did try to learn some basic Urdu. Now he may need to learn basics of an eastern Indo-Aryan language, Bengali. My contract with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has not yet been finalised. We are still negotiating, Julian Fountain said from London. Speaking to this scribe, he said: There will not be any language barrier. It was not there when late Bob Woolmer sought my services (during Pakistan teams tour of England in June 2006) and then why should Bangladeshi players face such problem ? Fountain was not in England when Jamie Siddons-coached tigers last visited England recently. Fountain (born 1970) is a professional English cricket coach and former Great Britain Olympic Baseballer. He has coached a wide range of both domestic and international, professional cricket teams including West Indies, Pakistan and England as a specialist fielding coach. He was the first baseball player to be used by a Test level cricket team when he was hired in 1998, whilst coaching freelance for the England and Wales Cricket Board, by the West Indies to coach on their tour of South Africa. Surprisingly on the 2000/01 West Indies tour of Australia, he took to the field as 12th man for the West Indies during their fixture against the Prime Ministers XI at the Manuka Oval in Canberra. He rose to the challenge by running out Anthony McGuire with a direct hit from the boundary. Fountain has written several articles on cricket, baseball and coaching and has been involved with the production of coach education materials for a wide variety of organisations including the ECB, PCB and WICB. Fountain is unique in that he has a good level of experience in playing and coaching at a high level. One cannot just take baseball skills and teach them to cricketers as the techniques, tactics and games differ. Cricket can learn a lot from baseball across a wide range of subjects, but it must be put into context.