LAHORE - A box-packed strangled body of a 15-year-old unidentified girl was found from Jajipura Stop located in North Cantt police precincts on Wednesday. Police concerned believed that the deceased was victimized of gang rape after being kidnapped by some unidentified accused men. As per details, a boy spotted the body packed in a paper box and started crying. The locals gathered on the spot and phoned the police concerned. Her hands and legs were fastened with her Dupatta (cloth-piece) while she was strangulated with her veil, police investigators said. They further said that she was dressed in red colour flowering shirt and pent (Kamees and Shalwar) and seemed the girl belonged to a well-off family. The women on the spot burst into tears after seeing the body of a young girl. Police after recovering the body made announcements in nearby mosques but no one approached to receive the body. A case had been registered against unknown accused with no arrest till filing of this report. Further investigations are underway.