The lives of thousands people are at stake in Bara Kahu and other outskirts of Federal Capital due to untrained or medically unqualified doctors. Sources said that in Bara Kahu of Islamabad and its other adjacent areas quack doctors have been playing with the precious lives of the people. Several clinics exist in the area where paramedical staff and nursing students are working as doctors. The untrained doctors have played with the lives of the people and as a result these innocents have lost their lives due to wrong diagnosis or treatment and advise of wrong medicine. It has been learnt that these illegal and fake clinics have been established in rural areas of Bara Kahu including Bobari, Phalgran, Merabegual, Pindbegual, Malot and Sakarila. While there are several medical stores in Bara Kahu in which bogus medicine is being sold. The locals have demanded that concerned authorities should take action against these quack doctors and sale of substandard and bogus medicine.