Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer has said that certain elements in media are targeting the government and airing propaganda against President Asif Ali Zardari adding that fall of the federal government wouldn't benefit anyone in the country. Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, he said, "We have nothing to with blockage of news channel, however, if the news channel stops its campaign, the agitated people will also stopped their protests outside the offices of these media channels. He also said that the government believed in the sovereignty of judiciary and freedom of media, but certain elements in media don't spare any moment to harass the government and hurl baseless allegations against the government. Media has been playing a key role regarding awareness about prevailing flood wreckages across the country and it has informed the world community on flood situation in Pakistan, Taseer added. Governor Punjab further said, media before charging allegations against anyone should take stance on the issues that could address any sort of misunderstanding adding, President Zardari was unaware of shoe-incident in Birmingham. He also clarified that he was partner and director of world call. He said that the government has nothing to do with blockage of channels in Karachi and it was cable operators that have blocked certain channels on receiving threats.