ISLAMABAD - The relationship between lawyers and judiciary is based on mutual respect, which not only enhances dignity of the institution but also strengthens it further. Now it is the duty of the legal fraternity to respect judiciary and make it a strong institution, said the Chief Justice while addressing the 40-member delegation of lawyers headed by Shafqat Mehmood Chohan, Chairman Pakistan Judicial Crises Management Council Lahore. Appreciating the efforts and struggle of the legal fraternity during the lawyers movement, Chief Justice Supreme Court Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry said that the lawyers struggled hard to stand by judiciary for rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution. They traveled long distance to support and assist the movement, which was for the cause of independence of judiciary. They faced hardships but no one could flinch them from their cause and destination. They had not gone off the rails but remained committed, steadfast and firm and finally achieved their destiny in the form of independent judiciary. Commenting on the Judicial Policy, the CJ said, The purpose of National Judicial Policy is to provide expeditious and inexpensive justice to litigants. After restoration of independent judiciary, the public at large had very high expectations from the courts as well as from the lawyers to redress their grievances and grant them relief to settle their disputes, restore their rights and maintain peace in society. To achieve this noble cause we along with all the stakeholders including members of the Bar formulated the New Judicial Policy to provide quick justice to litigants. Furthermore, to facilitate, train and keep young lawyers abreast of decorum and dignity of the Court, the Local Commissions were also constituted. On the issue of corruption, he said, The menace of corruption affects credibility of the institution so we will have to remove this element from judiciary with the help and active participation of the Bar.