Having a consensus on any issue is next to impossible in Pakistan. The politicians of various hues and persuasions can sit together but only in lavish marriage ceremonies, birthday parties and social get-togethers of their kinnever on a national issue. They are sometimes seen united in assemblies too but only when the cause is their perks and remunerations. That is fine for we are, after all, a democracy (?) and there is no need to have everybody sitting on the same table, thinking the same thought and working for the same solution. But what do you do with your political commentators, then, who keep harping over and over that all leaders of all parties must sit together to find solutions for problems facing the country? That would be some doing for problems, beginning from the situation in Waziristan to internal terrorism to this present deluge of our cities areconsiderable, you know It is simply wrong for political commentators to keep hacking at the old, hackneyed theme of 'working together. It is not just impractical, time-wasting, useless, etc but really, quite impossible. What these doyens of intelligentsia should be asking these political parties, particularly the ones in the coalition in power today, is to work for once on delivering something. Please dont suggest what you have already suggested a hundred times that politicians should sit together, get together and do everything positive together, etc, etc. in your own sphere. If all these parties were to sit together on everything, why the heck did they form different parties, and then so many? -SYED SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, August 10.