Lahore As many as six matches were played in the Ramazanul Mubarak Inter Club Basketball Tournament here on Wednesday. DHA defeated Brothers Club with a score of 24-51 at the GCU court. In the second match, Cantt Cagers Club won over B&U 74-24. Mubarak Club lost the third match to Young Frank with 33-42 points difference. Young YMCA outclassed FCC Club with the difference 37-17. In the last match of the day, Askari 10 lost its match against Frank Five 55-20. In another match, Dawn Bosco Urdu Medium Club won over Lahore Club 28-22. Today three more matches will be played between Cantt Cagers vs Young Frank, Basir Club vs GPNS Club and Young YMCA vs Dawn Basco Urdu Medium.