KARACHI Hamed Mohiuddin and Ziaullah Baig of Candyland team annexed the title of Karachi Gymkhana Summer Pair Bridge in a majestic style with an aggregate score of 56.66 per cent. The Pair event was spread over four sessions so that every pair plays against each. Starting with an unexpected bad session, Hamed Mohiuddin and Ziaullah Baig scored 48.19. The winning pair improved after every board, and in the next three session they scored 59.78, then 56.13 and finally 62.54 per cent. Ziaullah and Hamed Mohiuddin picked up every Imps to remain supreme. They penalised the slightest mistake of the opponents and never indulged themselves in wishful bidding or going overboard for top scores. The next best pair of Masud Mazhar and Mohsin Chandna finished second, just a shade below with an aggregate score of 56.08. Throughout the four sessions Mohsin Chandna and Masud Mazhar played solid game to cash the lapses of the opposing pairs and landing in the right contracts through their fine approach to the bidding system. The pair scored 60.00, 51.12, 58.06 and 55. 08 in four sessions. Pervaiz Mirza and Tariq Rasheed Khan started with a big score 64.86 per cent in the first segment, however, they had to settle at third position with an aggregate score of 54.62 per cent. The pair suffered in the third round when they scored 45.96 per cent, otherwise they scored positively in other three segments. Abdul Khaliq and Asghar Abbas started with an average 50 per cent score in the opener but tiptoed and finished fourth with an aggregate score of 54.55 per cent. Farhat Abbas and Javed Rehman finished fifth having a marathon run in the last segment 62.70 per cent. They had only one bad session 46.80 in the third segment, otherwise they performed superbly having scored 51.67, 55.87 in earlier rounds. Tehsin Gheewala and Rashidul Ghazi were the last prize winners. This pair scored 53.58 per cent and at every stage this pair was in contention for the top honour. Sectional winning prizes were awarded to Wajahat Suri - Muqeet, Anwer Kizilbash and Ghulam Muhammed, Rashid and Tehsin, Tariq Rasheed Khan and Pervaiz Mirza, Ashraf Kothari and Hussain Jaffer.