THE Israeli act of demolishing 200 Palestinian graves in the centuries old cemetery in west Jerusalem would further reinforce the worlds dislike of the Zionist entity. However, in the face of consistent condemnation and upbraiding, the Israelis have shown that they would not shy away from committing the most brutal atrocities on the Palestinians and as the present case indicates would not even spare their dead. Indeed, such acts like desecration of the graveyard without any iota of guilt also brings the Jewish state into the category of fascist regimes of both the past and present which used all sorts of barbaric means merely for the sake of spreading terror in the hearts of their subjects and rivals. Secondly, what Israel aims to achieve from this heinous act is to also wipe all marks of the historic Palestinian presence especially from Jerusalem. This is to show to the world that it were the Jews who were the original inhabitants of the troubled territory. Broadly speaking, bulldozers also form part and parcel of the greater Zionist policy of systematic encroachment and destruction of Palestinian lands. Not only houses but also agricultural farmlands and trees are mercilessly demolished by these menacing bulldozers. However, every drop of blood the Israelis have spilled and every atrocity they have committed on the hapless people will not go waste and will be avenged. And in all probability, rather than succeeding in destroying Palestinian graves and settlements, there is strong reason to believe that Israel is sowing the seeds of its own destruction. It is a crumb of comfort to know that such brutal acts have now started to incite widespread hatred in the rest of the world with the exception of Islamophobic governments in the West. The recent massacre on board the Palestinian aid flotilla was rightly condemned by the world and the Turkish nation whose President stood up in a manner that must have given a strong warning to Israel not to repeat the mistake again.