KARACHI Sindh Police will face Pak Korangi in the inaugural match of Baharia Town sponsored 25th Karachi Gymkhana Ramazan t20 cricket on first of Ramazan which is likely to fall on Wednesday. As many as 17 local teams will play in the competition which carries Rs. 350,000 for the winners and Rs. 150,000 for the runners up. All Ramazan cricket competitions held under Karachi Gymkhana flag have always carried good prize money. In the initial years of the competition, Karachi Gymkhana had to face a number of allegations of match fixing by the spectators who were allowed inside the ground. But when the allegations grew, the administration of the club decided to bar general spectators which finally brought to an end the rumours about match fixing. Ramazan cricket began around mid seventies when five senior local cricketers with the support of Waseem Haqqi, a senior officials in Paco, started Nazimabad Super Cup at Eidgah. The competition lasted some years but as sponsorship dried up, the organisers had to discontinue the event. The Karachi City Cricket Association had earlier opposed organising the event arguing that the format of limited overs did not help in the promotion of the cricket and it affected the sanctity of the holy month of Ramazan. The KCCA, which once held total control over cricket, faced opposition against its stand on Ramazan cricket and a number of Ramazan events took roots. Karachi Gymkhana Ramazan cricket was one among those that followed Nazimabad Super Cup. Sponsors have also supported these half-day competition. However, with the passage of time, sponsorship of these Ramazan events decreased for a number of reasons. The sponsors also pulled out and now only big influential clubs like Karachi Gymkhana have succeeded in attracting sponsors to continue the Ramazan cricket tradition.