Overnight thunderstorms brought fresh misery to survivors in a remote area of northwestern China on Thursday as the death toll from weekend flooding and massive landslides rose to 1,117. The National Weather Center forecast heavy rains in the coming days - up to 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) of precipitation was expected in the already saturated region on Friday - and said the threat of additional landslides along the Bailong River was "relatively large." An overnight deluge triggered more mudslides that swept away six houses in Xizangba village, blocked a river near Libazi village, and obstructed a key road used to ferry relief goods, the official Xinhua News Agency said citing local authorities in Gansu province. Tents set up as emergency shelters were flooded and traumatized victims said the storms were a frightening reminder of the deluge that brought on Sunday's disaster in which three villages in Gansu province's Zhouqu district were swallowed in waves of mud and rubble-strewn water. Hundreds of homes were completely buried in the weekend disaster while much of the county seat was submerged after the Bailong River jumped its banks. A total of 630 people are now missing with hopes of rescue fading fast. However, two survivors were found Wednesday, including a a 50-year-old man pulled from knee-deep mud on the second floor of a hotel, Xinhua said. There were no details given on the second survivor. Zhang Weixing, a Ministry of Civil Affairs official, said the scale of the disaster made counting the dead all the more difficult. "In some households, all the people have died," Zhang told a news conference.