I understand that WAPDA is responsible for lights in DHA and in its own inscrutable ways has recently decided to keep only one in three street lights on. But in the streets of DHA and especially around the parks of this area, darkness would likely be an invitation to thieves to strike in the coming winter nights. A peculiar case is of a small triangular park in sector CC Phase IV wherein the Street 14 is divided into two streets passing alongside the park. The WAPDA officials have chosen to black-out four street lights here i.e. two each on the branches of Street 14 running along left and right side of the park. That makes the park area so dark that thieves would lurk at night in shadows and you wouldnt know. I request WAPDA to stop the practice of switching off lights here. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, August 7.