The security has been high alerted in district Rawalpindi during Ramazan while CCTV cameras have been installed at mosques, Imam Bargas, tombs and all sensitive areas. To tackle any untoward situation during Ramazan the security has been high alerted in Rawalpindi. The private guards, police personnel and committee member of concerned religious place would perform duty during, Taravi, Sehry, Iftaar hours. The security personnel would patrol in plain clothes in public places, around mosques and Imam bargas. Each police station would increase patrolling in their jurisdiction. The armed police contingent would be deployed at entry and exit points to tackle untoward situation. The security personnel would also perform duties in bazaars and markets. The police has requested the residents to inform police if they found suspected person. The owners of hotels, restaurants and guest houses have been directed to check data of person before giving the room on booking.