ISLAMABAD United Nations has warned of the emergence of another fatal wave of death in the flood-hit areas if the emergency situation caused by the flash floods across Pakistan is not responded instantly. If we dont act fast enough, there may be a second wave of death due to diseases and food shortages, Maurizio Giuliano, Public Information Officer, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Pakistan, told this correspondent on Wednesday after the UN launched $459.7 million Pakistan Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan (PIFERP) at its Headquarters in New York. The money is needed fast, we need to act fast, he added. Asked if the PIFERP be deemed as a flash appeal, Giuliano clarified that the same was a response plan and not a flash appeal. Its the response plan that the UN launched today to seek international communitys support for humanitarian aid in flood-hit areas of Pakistan, he said. We very much hope that the donors would actively respond to the response plan for instant humanitarian aid to meet the humanitarian needs of 6 million flood affected people of Pakistan, the UN official added. PISERP lays prime focus on emergency response and relief activities. It does not include recovery efforts on long-term bases. Shelter, food, water, and health are four key areas to be focused in the three-month response plan. Of the $459.7 million, a maximum required sum of $150.05 million has been specified for food assistance. Of this allocated sum, $5.7 million is needed to ensure the survival of livestock and the remaining $144.35 million targets 6 million displaced masses across the country. UNs Word Food Programme (WFP) carries out food supply. An amount of $105 million is specified for the provisions of shelter to the flood affectees in the form of tents and plastic sheeting. It targets over 2 million people. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and UN- HABITAT are involved in providing shelter facilities in the flood hit region. United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) is extending clean water supplies and needs $110.5 million for this purpose. The needed sum also aims to fight waterborne diseases and epidemics that surface in monsoon season. Regarding health, UN appeals for $56.2 million required for over 14 million people, while $14.2 million are needed to ensure children nutrition for children and women. So far, donors have contributed $47.8 million and $ 99.5 million have been pledged. Still over $300 million are urgently needed.