I have read Prime Minister Gilanis statement in local and foreign media in which he had claimed in Multan that If Kalabagh dam had existed today, it would have saved us from the havoc of floods. Obviously, Prime Minister has joined other political leaders of the ilk of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain of PML-Q and Governor Salman Taseer of his own party. He has obviously done so without considering the facts on ground. As per irrigation experts, dams like Kalabagh are not meant to save floodwater due to technical reasons. May I quote Mr Idress Rajput, ex-Secretary Irrigation Sindh who in a recently published article has said, The dams have only 'nominal capacity to collect floodwater and furthermore, the dams in Pakistan are routinely filled before the summer rains. But the PM has given the impression that if we had Kalabagh dam now, it would have saved the flood havoc we are facing, thus, creating the erroneous impression that the KBD is some kind of an 'Amrat Dhaara. This is not just wrong but tantamount to rubbing salt in the wounds of Sindhis, Balochs and Pakhtuns, three communities of Pakistan whose elected assemblies have passed no less than 10 resolutions against the controversial Kalabagh dam. If Prime Minister is so concerned for the country, why doesnt he do something about saving the Indus Deltathe sixth largest in the worldthat is dying due to environmental degradation and mass migration caused by tremendous increase in unemployment here? Why cant the PM do something about implementation of the Water Accord 1991 which would ensure release of 10 MAF of water downstream of Kotri. This year, a super flood has come after 34 long years and the knid of flood that it was, Kalabagh dam couldnt possibly have absorbed its water. Please note that USA, Europe, and countries of Far East have dams but super floods inundate vast areas even there. Ever wondered why? -MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, August 10.