LAHORE - Hundreds of big and small precious animals have perished and disappeared from the flood-hit districts of Punjab. Wildlife and Parks Department of Punjab will prepare reports. All the district officers and teams to be constituted by the Department will prepare the reports against the loss of wildlife owing to floods in jungles and open areas of the province, The Nation has learnt. As per details, deer, fox, wild cat, jackals, neel gaye and rabbits have been washed away or perished on account of floods in Mianwali, Muzaffargarh, Rajanpur, Layyah, Raheem Yar Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Jehlum, Bhakkar and Jhang districts. The officials of Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department disclosed on the condition of anonymity that the Department had failed so far in collaborating with the renowned local and international private organisations working for the wildlife. As the organisations could help the Department in collecting data of dead animals, ailments of animals, research works and safe breeding of different animals after the recession of flood waters for the rehabilitation of wildlife in the flood-hit districts. Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department spokesman Muhammad Azhar said that no doubt the small and big animals had perished or disappeared due to floods from nine flood-hit districts of Punjab. He said that the animals of hilly near-by areas could migrate to top of the hills like Jehlum, saying that most of the deer and other small animals could also migrate to Kashmir before the floods. He claimed that naturally animals and birds smell any catastrophe and therefore it was possible that some animals had shifted to the safer places before any misfortune. The spokesman further added that Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department would surely prepare the reports about the perishing and disappearance of the small and big animals soon after the flood waters recession so that the rehabilitation of the wildlife could be made by the Department. On the other hand the officials of the Department also claimed that the Department would have to expedite its process of breeding of different small and big animals at breeding centres and parks so that the animals could be dropped in the jungles of the flood-hit areas for the rehabilitation of the perished wildlife.