LAHORE As many as eight CIA Inspectors with criminal record have been serving in the police department for the last several years, despite banning of their postings by the LHC and the IGP. The postings are also a clear violation of the Police Rules. Informed sources said have revealed to TheNation that the CIA SP (Omar Virk) has helped these Inspectors to stay safe. The sources also said that these officials have remained involved in criminal cases of illegal detention, extra-judicial killings, kidnappings, robberies and dacoities. Some of these Inspectors have also enjoyed being deputed as DSPs. One of them also 'served as the SP of the CRO Branch. This happened inspite of presence of several qualified SPs to fit the slot, the sources said, adding that the current CIA team does not allow any outsider to try to become part of it. Some other details about how powerful these officials are have come into the knowledge of this scribe. According to these details, the Punjab Inspector General of Police transferred five CIA Inspectors, including Bashir Niazi, Nasir Hanif Mitho, Malik Yaqoob Awan, Siddique and Mustahsan Shah and sent them to the Traffic Police. (All of them were not transferred from the CIA since long, whereas the police rules show no cop can cling to their seats for more than three years.) Soon afterwards, the CIA SP (Omar Virk) got Bashir Niazi and Nasir Mitho transferred from the Traffic Police to the Operation Wing (of CIA) in a period of two weeks. Police record shows that a kidnapping case was lodged against Kotwali CIA DSP Rais Khan with the Ghaziabad police when he was discharging his duties as Civil Lines DSP some three month back. Resultantly, he was suspended. Meanwhile, the case was discharged, but he was not reinstated. Despite his suspension, he has been posted as DSP of the Kidnapping for Ransom wing in the CIA (Kotwali). It may be noted here that the same DSP was also jailed on charges of patronising drug dealers. Moreover, the sitting Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Ijaz Chaudhary, had once given direction for not giving any posting in the CIA to Rais Khan. According to sources, several cases were also registered on charges of extra-judicial killings, illegal detention and kidnapping against CIA Inspector Bashir Niazi. But no tangible action was taken against him. Bashir is known as encounter specialist. He was the man who on July 16, 2010, during an 'encounter, pumped a volley of bullets into two alleged extortionists, namely Akram alias Akri and his accomplice Tariq Puppo. The encounter was staged near Sagian Bridge. Likewise, several complaints were also reported in Kotwali CIA against Inspector Shamim Paul, but he, too, seems quite secure under the supervision of SP Virk. Inspector Malik Yaqoob Awan, who is the most junior inspector, also 'served as an SP in the CRO and as a DSP, also with the CRO in the past. Days after former CCPO Aslam Tareen was transferred, his PSO, DSP Ahmed Saleem Butt, was also transferred from CCPOs Office to CIA. However, SP CIA Omar Virk did not allow him to take charge as the entire CIA team was against Mr. Butt. Resultantly, Mr. Butt was posted as a DSP with the Iqbal Town CIA, from where the entire CIA staff, including Inspector Rana Haseem Anjum, were transferred and posted in Kahna. The latter is enjoying privileges and perks of a DSP in Kahna. The sources further claimed that another junior inspector and in-charge of Nawankot CIA, Malik Fiaz is also enjoying the privileges of a DSP. According to them, when the City police arrested a notorious criminal, Aslam Basa, his frequent contact was established with three police officers two constables at Liaqatabad police station and CIA Inspector Malik Fiaz. When asked, Omer Virk clarified that since Malik Fiaz was pursuing the case, his connection with Aslam Basa was pure on 'merit. Interestingly, a case was lodged against the two constables in Liaqatabad police station on the charges of keeping a close contact with Basa. Elaborating the IGPs orders, DIG Operations Ghulam Mahmood Dogar on Thursday said: If three major punishments are given to any police officer, then [he/she deserves] a strict departmental action. He said Nasir Mitho was awarded major punishments. CIA SP Omer Virk, however, ruled out involvement of Nasir Mitho in any kind of felony. Clarifying the statement of the DIG, Virk said he personally got them posted out of the CIA. Two of them were interested in going to the Traffic Police; so they were transferred there, he said. Justifying the deployment of inspectors on the posts of DSPs and SPs, Omer Virk said: If someone qualifies then he can be posted as SP. That was why Malik Yaqoob and Rais Khan served as SPs with the CRO in past. SP Virk, however, ruled out there were any charges or complaints again his subordinates, saying they were 'innocent.