OUR STAFF REPORTER FAISALABASD - Some years back during Ramazan, great rush of people was used to be witnessed at roadside Eid card stalls in Faisalabad and other cities but now internet and mobile phones have made the tradition unpopular. People used to send Eid cards to their relatives, friends and loved ones once on the occasion of Eid and a large number of Eid card stalls used to establish around roadside and in markets in the city. The people were very conscious about selecting cards but now the tradition is taking its last breaths. Even first ten days of the month have passed but still no Eid card stall has been set up. Amjad Khan a card seller at Peoples Colony said that mobile phones have destroyed business of Eid cards. He said that tradition of Eid card should not be finished while youngsters should play vital role to save the tradition. Power generation linked to payment: The electricity shortfall in Faisalabad continues and generation could not be increased due to non-payment and inadequate supply of oil to Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Prolonged load shedding is taking place in cities. According to Wapda, electricity generation is 14,336 MW while demand is 17,485 MW which has created a shortfall of 3,149 MW. The source added that currently hydropower generation is contributing 5,861 MW, thermal 2,135 MW while IPPs are contributing 6,203 MW to the national grid. Presently, 7-13 hours of loadshedding is taking place in cities while in rural areas the duration is 15 hours across the country. Wapda claims that despite promises, the government is not supplying oil due to which generation capacity could not be increased.