The 16th and 17th centuries religious persecutions in Europe are responsible for the 20th century atomic destruction of Japan. The European religious fury forced some of the Europeans to flee their motherland and settle in America. John Bulls religious ire forced the Pilgrim Fathers to Flee Old England and seek a new home in New England. The fathers sailed from Plymouth in the Mayflower. Unfortunately, there was nothing mayflowery about the new settlers in their new home. Everything about them was absolutely gunpowdery. Actually, the flight of the Europeans to America was the flight of the European gun to the America of the Red Indians. The Red Indians had nothing more lethal than the arrow. The European religious persecutions gave birth to a dire confrontation between two civilisations: The civilisation of the gun confronted the civilisation of the arrow. The new settlers were devoutly religious people and were equipped with the European gun. The religious gun religiously gunned down the indigenous infidel arrow. The descendants of the early settlers proved themselves supremely worthy sons of their hardy ancestors. They didn't take long to exterminate the Red Indians. Soon they raised The White House over the dead bodies of the Indians. The White House gloriously kept up the traditions of its founders. It bathed Japan in blood in August 1945. The 16th and the l7th centuries religious persecutions superbly fructified in the 20th century Japan. Had there been no Pilgrim Fathers, there would have been no Hiroshima and Nagasaki holocausts. Man is a cooking animal. He loves roasting his fellow beings alive. Generally, godly people are better cooks than non-godly ones. The inquisition was a huge oven. Till the 2nd World War, mankind had not known a better chef than the holy inquisition. The inquisitions record of holy roasting was smashed only by President Truman in 1945. On July 17, 1945, an atomic device was experimentally exploded. The experiment came off splendidly. The atomic bomb became a reality. Officially, the success was described as "the baby satisfactorily born." The baby was baptised in Japan. The first bomb was dropped upon Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. It is estimated to have grilled alive about 80,000 Hiroshimans. The droppers of the bomb feasted their connoisseur-nostrils for three consecutive days on the roasted bodies of the Hiroshimans. Cheered by the aroma, they were tempted to discover if other Japanese 'fragranced as deliciously as the Hiroshimans. After three days another bomb was dropped upon Nagasaki. It was no less devastating than its predecessor. Another estimated 80,000 Japanese were roasted alive. Whether the Nagasakians also smelt like the Hiroshimans has never been officially made public by the American war office. Presumably, they did. Had they smelt differently, the bombing would have continued indefinitely. The rest of Japan was saved because all the Hiroshimans and the Nagasakians smelt alike. Thanks to the chemical fraternity of the Hiroshiman and the Nagasakian flesh, Japan escaped complete atomic annihilation. Two billion dollars had been poured into the bomb project. The two bombs presented 160,000 Japanese dead bodies to President Truman. Each body cost the President about $12,500. It was a wonderful bargain for the decoration of the American war museums. Had the two billion amount been poured into the charity boxes of the Salvation Army, the money would have given healthy life to so many sick human beings. Poured into the 'Damnation Laboratories, it gave death to so many healthy human beings. Man has eternally been mans inveterate enemy. The writer retired as professor of the Department of English, Government College University, Lahore.