ISLAMABAD - Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is contemplating to issue Expression of Interest (EoI) within one week in a bid to ensure safety issues of CNG cylinders installed in vehicles while outsourcing the establishment of cylinder retesting laboratories in various parts of the country. Viewing the intensity of the issue of CNG cylinder blasts in vehicles, the matter was unanimously taken in an informal meeting between the Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP) and OGRA as per the advice of acting chairman Mansoor Muzaffar, insider sources shared, adding, that Ogra would monitor and give approval to those laboratories that would be mandated to retest CNG cylinders installed in vehicles. There will be an advertisement from Ogra regarding issuing EoI in this regard very soon, sources added. HDIP, the National Petroleum Research & Development (R&D) organization, was mandated to retest the CNG cylinders. It is an autonomous body of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources established in 1975 under a Resolution of the Federal Government. Around 25 lakh vehicles have been converted on CNG so far, which are ostensibly 15-20 years old, sources informed, adding, that only five cylinder retesting laboratories are in working conditions to ensure safety issues pertaining to CNG cylinders. Sources were of the view that according to CNG safety ruleas, a cylinder installed in vehicle was supposed to be tested from an approved laboratory after a certain period of time. However, absence of ensuring safety measures in this regard had mocked the nation seemingly till this effect. They further told that establishment of retesting laboratories in various parts of the country was basically the brain child of Tauqeer Sadiq, the then chairman of Ogra who was sent on forced leave. According to previous idea, CNG filling station was supposed to check the stamp carved by any of these retesting laboratories before filling CNG and Ogra was authorized to discard the cylinder found unsafe or not stamped from any retesting laboratory.