President of PML-N and former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that the present democracy was giving nothing to the people but his party would not make the PPP government Shaheed once more. Addressing a function in connection with World Youth Day here in Lahore on Friday, Nawaz Sharif said the PML-N was playing a very effective role in the parliament, saying that long marches cannot be organised on every issue. He was highly critical of the PPP-led government saying it has put the country's sovereignty at stake. Nawaz Sharif said if people gave him another chance, he would strive to put the country back on track of development. He claimed that in 1999 Pakistan's currency was the strongest among the SAARC countries, there was no crisis and the country was on march to development. He said a dictator overthrew the elected government that damaged the development process in the country. He said had his government not dismissed in 1999, there would have been no crisis of electricity today. The PML-N president said every Pakistani is worried about the country's future due to wrong policies of the government. He said the younger generation must play its due role for the development of the country. He said in fact it is the duty of the younger generation to lead the country. He said the PML-N had given a 10-point agenda to the government and if that had been implemented, the country would have been out of the crises.