ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) along with Federal Investigation agency (FIA) has conducted a successful raid in Multan and seized three operational VoIP Gateways. According to details PTA and FIA teams through combined efforts not only traced the exact location but also carried out raid in areas of Altaf Town, Tariq Road, Multan. One person running the set up was also apprehended during the raid. This successful raid, which was made possible because of continuous monitoring, shows the commitment and persistent efforts; PTA is putting in curbing the menace of grey traffic. The confiscated illegal setup consists of gateways, Tellulars, Switches, Routers and number of SIMs of different operators. Moreover, the campaign against illegal telephony resulted in blocking of more than 60,000 mobile SIMs along with IMEIs. It may be added that PTA with the state of the art monitoring facility is observing the international traffic coming in to the country, round the clock. The aim of monitoring is to identify the illegal gateway exchanges and track the elements operating them.