OUR STAFF REPORTER JHANG - At least three people were killed and four others injured in separate mishaps here. In the first incident, Umer Khan, a resident of Samanabad, suffered electricity shocks when he was busy in repairing a computer in his shop. Accidentally he touched naked wire. As a result, he succumbed to severe injuries on his way to DHQ Hospital. In a road mishap, 3-year-old Muhammad Nauman was killed while his father Ijaz, his mother Pathani Bibi and niece Sadia and brother-in-law Muhammad Yasin, the residents of Lohla Shah locality, were going to Wasu Aastana when their speeding motorcycles collide against a parked tractor-trolley along side the road. Resultantly, Nauman died on while the others suffered serious injuries and were admitted to DHQ Hospital, Jhang. In the third incident, Shafqat Ali of Mouza Hassan Khan died because of being bitten by a snake when he was irrigating his rice crop. The snake was so poisonous that Shafqat died on the spot.