PESHAWAR (Online) - More than 35 people were killed in clashes between Lashkar-i-Islam and Ansar-ul-Islam within the past three weeks in Tirah Valley. According to the local employees of Khyber Agency, three people were killed and five got injured in clashes between anti-government Lashkar-i-Islam and pro-government Ansar-ul-Islam in the Sikandar Kahil area of Tirah Valley. According to British media, the armed men of both groups are present in trenches and are using heavy weapons against each other. On the other hand, clashes are going on between the armed men of Lashkar-i-Islam and Zakha Khail tribe. These riots started about six months ago, which took almost 70 precious lives. A journalist told a news agency that the situation is really tense in the area and the people have started shifting to safe places. He stated that opponent groups possess heavy ammunition which they are openly using against each other. The local management has failed to stop these clashes and to maintain law and order in their area. There has been deficiency of the items of daily use in this area due to these riots.