HUNZA (Agencies) - At least two affectees of Attabads landslide last year incident were killed and five others hurt as police opened fire on protesters here on Thursday when the affectees were protesting against the government for not meeting their demands. Hundreds of demonstrators blocked Karakoram Highway in a protest against the government for its failure to fulfil promises made it to them. Locals said that Attaabads artificial lake affectees were peacefully protesting during Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Ministers visit, but the police used excessive force against the protesters. Police baton-charged and opened fire on protesters. Sources said that clashes occurred between the protesters and police after shots were fired. According to reports, later the enraged protesters attacked Aliabad police station and set it on fire. They also torched four vehicles and office of the deputy commissioner. The sources said that the affectees of Attabad Lake were protesting against delay in the compensation at the arrival of Chief Minister.