RAWALPINDI - City police have arrested 21 gamblers and recovered Rs 182,820 stake money and other gadgets being used for gambling.
According to details, Ratta Amral police acting on a tip-off conducted a raid and held four gamblers namely Afzal, Sohail, Javed and Adeel. Police also recovered stake money amounting to Rs 66,600 and other gadgets from their possession.
Meanwhile Buni police on an information raided in Dhaki mohalla and 13 gamblers identified as Ali, Kamran, Mehboob, Sohail, Khurram, Qadeer, Amin, Wajid, Usman, Kashif, Imran, Akhlaq and Waseem caught red-handed while playing gambling on cards. Police recovered cash Rs 107,700 with other gadgets.
In another raid Morgah police netted four accused namely Moeen, Safaqat, Mushtaq and Bashir for their involvement in gambling and recovered Rs 8520 and other items.