SHARKS are the most feared predators of the ocean, intimidating humans and other fish with their lashing tails and snapping jaws.
But it is hard to be scared of this blue shark - because it looks just like a cute and cuddly cartoon.
Brave Swiss photographer Franco Banfi, 53, took these unbelievable pictures on the Atlantic island of Pico in the Azores, Portugal.
The shark’s huge puppy-dog eyes and smooth, sleek body make it look like a digital image in the beautiful shots.
It would have felt very real to the diver, however, who swam close to the intimidating creature on his mission to help show its softer side.
These natural hunters have been known to kill humans, although this one looks more like it should be starring in a popular animation like Shark Tale or Finding Nemo.
‘The diver is swimming with sharks to show that they are not dangerous,’ said Mr Banfi.
‘The blue shark is one of the most easily recognised sharks.
‘It has a slender, sleek-looking body with large eyes. The skin has a coloration of deep indigo blue from above and a vibrant blue on its sides, changing to white underneath.
Besides actively hunting for food, blue sharks are opportunistic feeders and have been known to feed from gill nets and scavenge dead marine mammals.’                            –DM