KARACHI - The uncertain policy of the government gave an open ground to the outlawed sectarian organisations to collect funds locally and internationally.
According to details, some hard-line religious organisations have started working across the city before the holy festival of Eidul Fitr and also collecting funds to help out their associates engaged in Jihad either in Afghanistan or Federally Administrative Tribal Areas of Pakistan under the umbrella of different religious organisations.
Operatives of various organisations have started collecting funds openly in the mosques and gatherings without any fear of apprehension.
In some areas of the metropolis, operatives of Jihadi organisations and sectarian outfits have also made door-to-door collection to help fighters.
Some of the banned religious outfits had changed their names or using charitable names for collection of funds. They were collecting money with different slogans and even fixing hoardings and banners ahead of the Eid to collect funds.
Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation, Jamat Ahle-Sunnat and other banned organisations with new names have been collecting money despite being banned by the government. 
It is worth mentioning here that world largest Islamic charitable organisations have also been operating from Karachi and continue to operate despite the curbs imposed by government of Pakistan and the United States.
Al-Rashid Trust and Al-Akhter Trust have dually banned and facing sanctions, previously collecting billion of dollars from across the world in the name of Jihad. Previous government of General Pervez Musharraf had seized all the accounts of both the charity organisations but unclear policy of the current government has increased the activities of defunct organisations.
Sources among the investigating team of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) revealed that the accounts of both charitable organisations have been frozen in the mid of year 2000.
Sources pointed out that such sort of charitable organisations have much larger network across the world therefore it would be difficult to prevent money transactions of said organisations. Sources said that Islamic charitable organisations have continued making transactions either through money laundering or the accounts of individuals.
He pointed out that agencies have managed to intercept 10 million dollars money transaction record in year 2005 which they argued to have served in sacrificing animals on Eidul Azha.