BAHAWALPUR - Cholistan Development Council of Pakistan Executive Director Farooq Ahmed Khan said that the government had taken historic step to ensure protection of women’s rights.
He also praised the efforts of the parliamentarians in this regard. He welcomed the announced made by President Zardari about appointment of women judges. Discrimination with women has very deep roots in our society. There is a need of change in men’s behaviors, he said.
He stated that the federal government had made different amendments in laws about the protection of women’s rights. Pouring of acid on women had been declared a criminal act. It is a great achievement of the civil society.
He said, “We should make our women strong and more and more opportunities of education and jobs should be provided to the women. It is need of hour that women should be inducted in police and judiciary. Establishment of women police stations and Darul Amans with the female staff is very important.
For the monitoring of these police stations and Darul Amans, monitoring teams have been consisted of women.”
He demanded that the government should review the conditions of Nikkah Nama or marriage contract about the protection of women’s rights. The condition of national identity card should be necessary for marriage.
The government should take serious notice of old and non sense tradition of ‘ Pait Likhaee’ in which marriages of daughters are settled before their birth and make necessary laws for the stoppage of this tradition and should be declared a criminal act.