Former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani Sunday stated that if another premier was ousted then it will be tantamount to breaking country, judiciary would be responsible. Addressing a gathering at Iftar dinner in Lahore, the former Premier stated that he had accepted unconstitutional verdict for the sake of national interest and if another PM was ousted then PPP would strongly protest it. He opined that judiciary is not a political party and it should not have any agenda. “I respect judiciary and I appeared before court for three times, the Parliament is a supreme institution and all other institutions get power from it”, he stated. He questioned that which constitution states that if letter was not written then Prime Minister would be ousted. If Prime Minister was disqualified this time, then the masses would not accept that verdict, he stated. He said if elected representatives were sent to the home what is the use of elections. Gilani stated that 3rd power is waiting for an opportunity and it should not be given to the third power.