SHEIKHUPURA - The heavy rain disrupted the citizen’s lives, particularly those who reside in low-lying areas of Bhiki Road and Tariq Road areas.
rainwater inundated the low-lying localities like Jandiala Road, Muslim Gunj, Tariq Road, Khalid Road, Jinnah Park, Civil Quarter Road, Rehman Pura, Sultan Pura, Bhikhi Road and Ghang Road areas. The rain also exposed the tall claims of the TMA of Sheikhupura as all the streets of the city were flooded with rainwater . The residents of these areas suffered when the rainwater entered into their houses about 2 to 3 feet.
The area people blamed that the TMA staff was not discharging their duties to resolve their problems. They complained that if the cleanliness of all seasonal Nullahs had been carried out timely, the situation would have been quite different. They demanded that the DCO of Sheikhupura should direct the TMA staffers to use de-watering pumps in their areas immediately.