President Zardari may be stating the obvious but reiterating the need for scholars and leaders of all faiths to enter into a dialogue to remove the mistrust and misunderstanding among the followers of different religious is always necessary in a society like ours, which is unfortunately plagued by bigotry and violence. We were not like this when we got independence. The shackles of religious bigotry enslaved us with the passage of time. However, saying is not the same as acting. We are not confronted just with religious rivalries but it is intra-religion confrontation that is taking its toll as well. It will do this country a great deal of good if President Zardari takes the lead in calling or convening an inter-faith and inter-sectarian moot in Islamabad, which should remain in session until it has agreed on a set of practicable measures to rid this country of such bigotry and violence that strikes at the very fundamentals of Islam and the Islamic spirit.
Islamabad, August 11.